Sakura Garage

Exciting vintage Japanese car garage.

1985 E 5th Street - Suite 18 - Tempe, Arizona 85281
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Rare bird. #c10 #Hakosuka #skyline #2000gt

Fin. (Taken with Instagram)

Get down on it (Taken with Instagram)

"Hey, your missing something bro". I’m starting to hate these things. It did take me for quite a "Test" drive today though. Even mostly stock, nothing sounds like an RB.

I want this Ken & Mary.

Praying that this time it lasts for more than 15 mins. Front bumper repair.

I dont know how hard it is to tell, but this thing is silly low. I can’t get my vans under any part of the kit. Which is probably why that front bumper keeps getting beat up.

Don’t use zip ties. It’s annoying.

My toy for the next week or so.